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Welcome to Total, the premier specialist demolition, brownfield land remediation, site clearance, soft strip out and asbestos removal contractors. in Solihull. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for all your demolition needs. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality services, adhering to the highest safety standards, and providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

TOTAL demolition & land remediation contractor in Solihull

At Total Demolition, we specialise in a wide range of demolition services, including industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, tools, and techniques to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Whether you require full building demolition, selective demolition, interior strip-outs, or site clearance, our skilled professionals will execute the project with precision and efficiency.

We understand the importance of minimizing disruption to neighboring properties and the environment, and we take every precaution to ensure a safe and controlled demolition process.

When it comes to demolition, choosing the right contractor is crucial. Here are some reasons why Total stands out from the competition:

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience in the demolition industry in Solihull, we have built a solid reputation for our expertise and professionalism. Our team is comprised of highly skilled demolition experts who have successfully completed numerous projects across the UK.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is our top priority at Total. We strictly adhere to all health and safety regulations to ensure the well-being of our team, clients, and the public. Our professionals are trained to identify and mitigate potential risks, and we implement comprehensive safety measures throughout the demolition process.

Environmental Responsibility

At Total, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We employ environmentally friendly practices and recycling techniques to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest industry standards and best practices for eco-friendly demolition.

Client Satisfaction

We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We listen to their specific requirements and tailor our services to meet their needs. Our dedicated project managers ensure clear communication, timely updates, and efficient project execution, resulting in high levels of client satisfaction.

Building Demolition company Solihull

Complete demolition services in Solihull

From initial appraisal and agreed establishment of project parameters; to completion of the demolition works and site clearance, we utilise a dedicated team of specialist demolition personnel and a modern fleet of site-specific machinery and equipment. 

Our wide range of skills and resources enable efficient handling of the most complex and technically challenging demolition projects, and all undertaken within CDM Regulations. Our clients vary from major property developers, architects, surveyors, and local councils. 

Most of our work is undertaken based on recommendations. Our demolition projects in Rochdale have included the stripping out and demolition of hotels, shops, residential properties, high-rise office buildings and factories and site clearance for urban redevelopment. 

TOTAL Robotic demolition specialists in Solihull

At Total Robotic Demolition, we are a trusted and reputable demolition company specialising in the use of state-of-the-art robotic technology. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as leaders in providing efficient and safe demolition solutions throughout the UK.

When it comes to demolition projects, safety, precision, and efficiency are of utmost importance. That’s why we rely on Total Demolition to deliver superior results every time.

Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals is equipped with the latest robotic machinery, ensuring that your demolition project is completed with the highest level of precision and safety.

At Total Demolition, safety is our top priority. Our robotic demolition machines are designed to handle even the most challenging demolition tasks, minimizing risks to human operators.

By utilising robotic technology, we can carry out demolitions in hazardous environments, confined spaces, and other high-risk areas, reducing the potential for accidents and injuries.

Our BROKK robotic machines are equipped with advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, allowing us to precisely control every aspect of the demolition process.

This level of precision ensures that only the targeted structures are demolished, minimising collateral damage and reducing the need for costly repairs. Additionally, our robotic machines can work quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing project timelines and costs.

Cost-Effective Demolition Services in Solihull

TOTAL commercial demolition in Solihull

We have built our robust reputation with our clients and local communities by delivering the highest level of professional commercial demolition in Solihull. 

We have all the demolition machinery and equipment required to execute any commercial demolition projects from the demolition of single-story structures to multi-level office blocks.  

A commercial demolition project can be a complicated process. It often involves working in densely populated environments and restricted work areas alongside operating businesses and the public. 

Total Demolition is highly experienced in working efficiently and cohesively around other trades and residents, ensuring minimal disruption to your project period. 

We take all necessary precautions and implement safety procedures to ensure that our demolition site staff, your employees, and other people around the site are safe throughout the demolition process.  We have decades of experience demolishing: 

  • Business Properties in Solihull
  • Multi-storey high-rise buildings in Solihull
  • Apartment blocks demolition in Solihull
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers
  • Factories demolished in Solihull
  • Wearhouse’s demolished in Solihull

TOTAL Soft strip demolition in Solihull

Soft strip demolition contractor in Solihull

We are a leading soft strip demolition company in Solihull. We partner with a vast range of clients including Local Authorities, Property Developers, House Builders, Hotels, Restaurants, Housing Associations and more. 

We have over 100 years’ combined experience in soft strip demolition and have established a robust reputation for delivering excellence at all levels.  

Our experienced management team are committed to maintaining the highest levels of service, ensuring the safe completion of all soft strip projects in a prompt and efficient manner that exceeds our client expectations.  

Our commitment to maintain the highest degree of standards of Health & Safety is demonstrated by appointments with our own Health & Safety Managers.

Total Demolition is committed to helping our clients achieve sustainable targets for Demolition. We do this by focusing on those aspects of the business that have the greatest impact on the environment. 

Immediate demolition response in Solihull

Emergency demolition company in Solihull

Unfortunately, not all demolition work has a pre-plan behind it. You may have a building that is perfectly happy with, but due to unforeseen circumstances can create an emergency that requires a highly experienced and rapid emergency response demolition team. 

There is no time to delay in such situations. In fact, every minute wasted raises the possibility that somebody could get injured or even worse killed. 

When such unforeseen circumstances change everything, you need a team of emergency demolition contractors in Solihull we are here to assist.  

If you encounter any dangerous situation related to construction or a building’s structure, we are here to help. Our emergency demolition response team will deploy to your location as quickly as possible and assess the situation upon arrival. 

We will then take all the precautions needed to secure the site and do whatever demolition work we deem applicable for the situation. 

Our teams also coordinate well with other emergency response units to ensure potentially dangerous situations are made safe as quickly as possible. 


Explosive demolition, also known as implosion, is a highly specialized technique used in Solihull and around the world to safely and efficiently bring down large structures. This method involves strategically placing explosives within a building or structure to cause a controlled collapse.

How Does Explosive Demolition Work?

Explosive demolition requires careful planning and expertise from a team of professionals who are trained in the use of explosives. The process begins with a thorough assessment of the structure to determine the most effective demolition strategy.

Once the plan is in place, explosives are strategically placed at key support points within the building. These explosives are carefully timed and detonated in a specific sequence to ensure a controlled collapse. The goal is to weaken the structure’s support system and create a controlled implosion, causing the building to collapse inward on itself.

During the implosion, the building collapses vertically, with the debris falling into a designated area. This controlled collapse minimises the risk of damage to surrounding structures and reduces the amount of dust and debris generated during the demolition process.

Why Choose Explosive Demolition?

Explosive demolition offers several advantages over other methods of demolition, making it a preferred choice in certain situations:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Explosive demolition allows for the rapid and efficient removal of large structures. The controlled implosion technique can bring down a building in a matter of seconds, saving time and reducing costs compared to traditional demolition methods.
  2. Precision: With careful planning and execution, explosive demolition allows for precise control over the direction and manner in which a building collapses. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas where space is limited and adjacent structures need to be protected.
  3. Safety: Despite the use of explosives, controlled implosion is a safe and controlled method of demolition when carried out by experienced professionals. The careful placement and timing of explosives ensure that the collapse occurs within the designated area, minimizing the risk of damage to nearby structures and ensuring the safety of workers and the public.
  4. Environmental Considerations: Explosive demolition can be a more environmentally friendly option compared to other methods. By causing a controlled collapse, the amount of dust and debris generated is reduced, making cleanup and disposal more manageable.

Regulations and Safety Measures

Explosive demolition is a highly regulated process that requires adherence to strict safety measures and guidelines. In Solihull, as well as in other jurisdictions, permits and approvals must be obtained before conducting any explosive demolition.

Qualified professionals who specialize in explosive demolition are responsible for ensuring that all safety protocols are followed. This includes conducting thorough risk assessments, implementing safety measures to protect workers and the public, and coordinating with local authorities to minimize disruption to the surrounding area.


Explosive demolition, or implosion, is a specialised technique used to safely and efficiently bring down large structures. Through careful planning, precise execution, and adherence to safety regulations, explosive demolition offers a fast, efficient, and controlled method of demolition in Solihull and beyond.

Industrial demolition is a specialised process that involves the dismantling and removal of structures in the industrial sector. In Solihull, this process plays a crucial role in clearing out old, unsafe, or obsolete buildings to make way for new developments. Whether it’s factories, warehouses, power plants, or other industrial facilities, industrial demolition ensures the safe and efficient removal of these structures.

The Process of Industrial Demolition in Solihull

Industrial demolition projects in Solihull typically involve a series of carefully planned steps to ensure safety and efficiency. These steps may include:

1. Pre-Demolition Assessment in Solihull

Before any demolition work begins, a thorough assessment of the structure is conducted. This assessment helps identify any potential hazards, such as asbestos or other harmful materials, and allows for the development of a comprehensive demolition plan.

2. Obtaining Permits and Clearing Regulations

Industrial demolition projects in Solihull require proper permits and compliance with local regulations. This step involves obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with environmental and safety standards set by the authorities.

3. Structural Engineering and Planning

Structural engineers play a crucial role in industrial demolition projects. They assess the structural integrity of the building and develop a plan for the safe dismantling and removal of the structure. This plan includes the use of specialized equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, to carry out the demolition process.

4. Hazardous Material Removal

Prior to demolition, any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead, or chemicals, are safely removed from the site. This ensures the safety of the workers and the surrounding environment during the demolition process.

5. Controlled Demolition

Industrial demolition in Solihull involves controlled demolition techniques to minimize the impact on the surrounding area. This may include the use of explosives or mechanical methods, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

6. Waste Management and Recycling

After the demolition is complete, the debris and waste materials are carefully managed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Whenever possible, materials are recycled to reduce the environmental impact of the demolition process.

The Importance of Professional Industrial Demolition

Industrial demolition is a complex task that requires the expertise of trained professionals. Hiring a professional industrial demolition company in Solihull offers several benefits:

1. Safety

Professional demolition companies prioritize safety during every step of the process. They have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to ensure the safe removal of structures without endangering workers or the surrounding community.

2. Efficiency

Professional demolition teams work efficiently to complete the project within the specified timeframe. They have the expertise to handle unexpected challenges and adapt their approach accordingly, minimizing delays and disruptions.

3. Compliance with Regulations

By hiring a professional demolition company, you can be confident that all necessary permits and regulations will be taken care of. This ensures that the demolition project is carried out legally and without any complications.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Professional demolition companies prioritize environmental responsibility by implementing sustainable practices. They carefully manage waste materials, recycle whenever possible, and minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.


Industrial demolition in Solihull is a crucial process for clearing out old or unsafe structures in the industrial sector. By hiring a professional demolition company, you can ensure the safe and efficient removal of these structures while adhering to all necessary regulations and environmental standards.

If you have an industrial demolition project in Solihull, it is recommended to consult with a professional demolition company to assess your specific needs and develop a comprehensive plan for the successful execution of the project.

Demolition is a crucial process in construction and urban development, involving the dismantling or destruction of structures to make way for new ones. In Solihull, a technique known as high reach demolition is commonly employed to efficiently and safely bring down tall buildings or structures. This article aims to provide an overview of high reach demolition and its applications in Solihull.

What is High Reach Demolition in Solihull?

High reach demolition, also referred to as high reach excavator demolition, is a specialised method used to demolish tall structures such as skyscrapers, chimneys, bridges, or industrial complexes. Unlike traditional demolition techniques that involve wrecking balls or explosives, high reach demolition utilizes specially designed excavators equipped with long-reach arms and attachments.

These high reach excavators are capable of reaching heights of up to 100 meters or more, allowing them to access and dismantle structures from top to bottom. The long-reach arms are fitted with various tools such as hydraulic shears, crushers, or pulverizers, which can effectively break down concrete, steel, or other materials.

How is High Reach Demolition Used in Solihull?

In Solihull, high reach demolition is utilised for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Urban Redevelopment

As cities evolve and grow, the need for urban redevelopment becomes essential. High rise demolition is employed to safely remove outdated or dilapidated structures, making room for new developments that align with modern urban planning. Solihull, being a vibrant and expanding town, often requires the removal of old buildings to accommodate new residential or commercial projects.

2. Structural Stability Assessment

High reach demolition is also used in Solihull to assess the structural stability of tall buildings or structures. By dismantling sections of a structure, engineers and experts can thoroughly inspect its integrity and identify any potential weaknesses or hazards. This process ensures that buildings in Solihull meet safety standards and can withstand environmental factors or future modifications.

3. Environmental Considerations

Solihull, like many other cities, places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. High reach demolition plays a crucial role in this regard by enabling the safe and efficient removal of structures while minimizing environmental impact. The use of hydraulic attachments and careful dismantling techniques reduces noise, dust, and vibration, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

4. Hazardous Material Remediation

Some structures in Solihull may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead. High reach demolition allows for the controlled removal and disposal of these materials, ensuring the safety of workers and the surrounding community. Specialized attachments and equipment are used to handle hazardous materials, preventing their release into the environment.

Benefits of High Reach Demolition

High reach demolition offers several advantages over traditional demolition methods:

1. Increased Safety

By utilising high reach excavators, demolition teams can maintain a safe distance from the structure being demolished. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries, ensuring the well-being of workers and the public.

2. Precision and Control

The long-reach arms of high reach excavators provide precise control over the demolition process. Operators can carefully dismantle structures piece by piece, minimising the risk of collateral damage to nearby buildings or infrastructure.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency

High reach demolition is a highly efficient method that allows for faster completion of projects. The use of specialised equipment and attachments speeds up the dismantling process, resulting in reduced labor costs and project timelines.

4. Environmental Friendliness

With its reduced noise, dust, and vibration levels, high reach demolition is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods. The controlled dismantling and disposal of hazardous materials further contribute to minimising the impact on the environment.

In conclusion, high reach demolition is a specialised technique used in Solihull for the efficient and safe dismantling of tall structures. Its applications range from urban redevelopment to structural stability assessments and environmental considerations. With its numerous benefits, high reach demolition plays a vital role in the ongoing development and transformation of Solihull’s built environment.

What is Commercial Demolition in Solihull?

Commercial demolition in Solihull refers to the process of dismantling or tearing down commercial buildings or structures to make way for new developments or renovations. It involves the careful and systematic removal of all components of the building, including walls, floors, ceilings, and foundations, while adhering to strict safety and environmental regulations.

The Importance of Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition plays a crucial role in urban development and revitalization. It allows for the removal of outdated or unsafe structures, making room for new commercial buildings that meet modern standards and requirements. It also provides an opportunity to repurpose the land for other purposes, such as residential or recreational use.

Moreover, commercial demolition ensures the safety of the surrounding community. Dilapidated or structurally compromised buildings pose significant risks, including collapses, fires, and other hazardous incidents. By demolishing these structures, potential dangers can be eliminated, creating a safer environment for everyone.

The Commercial Demolition Process

The commercial demolition process involves several stages, each executed with precision and expertise:

1. Planning and Assessment

Prior to any demolition work, a thorough assessment of the building and its surroundings is conducted. This includes evaluating the structural integrity of the building, identifying any hazardous materials, and assessing the impact of the demolition on the surrounding environment.

2. Obtaining Permits

Demolition projects require various permits and approvals from local authorities. These permits ensure that the demolition is carried out in compliance with building codes, safety regulations, and environmental guidelines.

3. Salvage and Recycling

Before the demolition begins, salvageable materials such as fixtures, fittings, and equipment are carefully removed and salvaged for reuse or recycling. This practice promotes sustainability and minimizes waste.

4. Structural Demolition

The actual demolition process involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to systematically dismantle the building. This may include the use of wrecking balls, high-reach excavators, or controlled explosives, depending on the size and complexity of the structure.

5. Waste Management and Site Clearance

Once the building has been demolished, the debris and waste materials are sorted, recycled, or disposed of responsibly. The site is then cleared and prepared for the next phase of development.

Hiring a Professional Commercial Demolition Company in Solihull

Commercial demolition is a complex and highly regulated process that requires the expertise of a professional demolition company. When hiring a commercial demolition contractor in Solihull, it is important to consider the following:

Experience and Expertise

Choose a company with extensive experience in commercial demolition. They should have a proven track record of successfully completing similar projects and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any challenges that may arise.

Licensing and Insurance

Ensure that the demolition company is licensed and insured. This protects you from any liability in case of accidents or damages that may occur during the demolition process.

Environmental Considerations

Look for a company that prioritizes environmental sustainability. They should have a comprehensive waste management plan in place and actively promote recycling and responsible disposal of materials.

Safety Measures

Safety should be a top priority for the demolition company. They should have well-trained staff, adhere to strict safety protocols, and possess the necessary certifications to carry out the work safely.

Client References

Ask for references or testimonials from previous clients. This will give you an insight into the company’s reputation and the quality of their work.


Commercial demolition in Solihull is a vital process that allows for the removal of outdated structures, promotes safety, and paves the way for new developments. By hiring a professional demolition company, you can ensure that the demolition is carried out efficiently, safely, and in compliance with all regulations.

What is Deconstruction in Solihull?

We aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of deconstruction in Solihull. Deconstruction is an innovative approach to construction and demolition that focuses on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and the efficient use of resources.

Understanding Deconstruction

Deconstruction is a process that involves carefully dismantling a structure, such as a building, with the goal of salvaging and reusing as many materials as possible. Unlike traditional demolition, which often leads to the disposal of materials in landfills, deconstruction aims to minimise waste and maximise the potential for recycling and repurposing.

By deconstructing a building, various materials such as wood, metal, glass, and concrete can be carefully removed and sorted for reuse or recycling. This not only reduces the environmental impact of construction projects but also promotes the circular economy by giving new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste.

The Benefits of Deconstruction

Deconstruction offers several benefits that make it an attractive option for construction projects in Solihull:

  1. Sustainability: Deconstruction aligns with sustainable practices by reducing waste and promoting the reuse of materials. This helps to conserve natural resources and minimize the carbon footprint associated with construction projects.
  2. Economic Value: Salvaging and reusing materials from deconstructed buildings can provide cost savings for future projects. Additionally, the resale value of reclaimed materials can contribute to the overall economic viability of a deconstruction project.
  3. Community Impact: Deconstruction projects can have a positive impact on the local community by creating job opportunities and supporting local businesses involved in the recycling and repurposing of materials.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: By diverting materials from landfills, deconstruction helps to reduce pollution and the strain on limited landfill space. It also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible construction industry.

Deconstruction Process in Solihull

Deconstruction in Solihull follows a systematic process that involves the following steps:

  1. Assessment: A thorough assessment of the structure is conducted to determine its suitability for deconstruction. Factors such as the age, condition, and materials used are taken into consideration.
  2. Planning and Permits: Detailed planning is undertaken to ensure the safe and efficient deconstruction of the building. Necessary permits and approvals are obtained from relevant authorities.
  3. Salvage and Sorting: Skilled workers carefully dismantle the structure, salvaging materials that can be reused or recycled. The salvaged materials are then sorted and prepared for further processing.
  4. Recycling and Repurposing: The salvaged materials are sent to recycling facilities or repurposed for use in future construction projects. This helps to reduce the demand for new materials and minimize waste.

Choosing Deconstruction in Solihull

If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to construction and demolition in Solihull, choosing deconstruction is a wise decision. By opting for deconstruction, you can contribute to a more sustainable future, support the local economy, and reduce the environmental impact of your construction projects.

Contact us today to learn more about deconstruction in Solihull and how we can assist you in implementing this innovative approach for your next project.

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