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At TOTAL, we understand the importance of investing in people. We believe that our success as a company is directly linked to the talent, skills, and dedication of our workforce. That's why we are committed to developing and attracting excellent individuals who can contribute to our mission of providing energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Our Approach to Workforce Development

We recognise that a vibrant and diverse workforce is essential for driving innovation, creativity, and adaptability. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive approach to workforce development.

1. Training and Development: We provide our employees with access to a wide range of training and development programs. These programs are designed to enhance their skills, knowledge, and capabilities, enabling them to excel in their roles and contribute to the company’s growth.

2. Talent Acquisition: We actively seek out talented individuals who share our values and can bring fresh perspectives to our organisation. We have a rigorous recruitment process that ensures we attract the best candidates from diverse backgrounds.

3. Employee Engagement: We believe that engaged employees are more productive, innovative, and satisfied with their work. We foster a culture of open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect, which encourages our employees to contribute their best ideas and talents.

Benefits of a Vibrant and Diverse Workforce

Investing in people and creating a vibrant and diverse workforce has numerous benefits for both our employees and our company as a whole.

1. Innovation and Creativity: A diverse workforce brings together individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. This diversity of thought fosters innovation and creativity, leading to the development of new ideas and solutions.

2. Flexibility and Adaptability: In today’s rapidly changing business environment, flexibility and adaptability are crucial. A diverse workforce is better equipped to navigate change, as it brings together individuals with different skill sets and approaches to problem-solving.

3. Enhanced Decision-Making: When diverse perspectives are considered in the decision-making process, it leads to more well-rounded and informed decisions. This can ultimately drive better business outcomes and performance.

4. Employee Engagement and Retention: A vibrant and diverse workforce promotes employee engagement and satisfaction. When employees feel valued, included, and supported, they are more likely to stay with the company and contribute their best efforts.

Total Regen training and development

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At TOTAL, we are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe that diversity goes beyond just gender, race, and ethnicity. It encompasses a wide range of dimensions, including age, nationality, background, skills, and experiences.

We actively promote equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background or characteristics. We strive to create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Through our diversity and inclusion initiatives, we aim to build a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve. We believe that this diversity not only strengthens our company but also contributes to a more sustainable and equitable society.


Investing in people is a core value at TOTAL. We recognize that our success as a company depends on the talent, skills, and dedication of our workforce. By creating a vibrant and diverse workforce, we are not only fostering innovation and creativity but also building a culture of inclusivity and respect.

Through our comprehensive approach to workforce development, we are committed to attracting and developing excellent individuals who can contribute to our mission of providing energy solutions for a sustainable future. Join us at TOTAL and be part of a team that is shaping the future of energy.

Our Ethos

Total have a long term view in protecting the stability and the development of the business, as we feel an obligation exists from us to all in what make contact with in our working day.

Our strategy

Total’s strategy is derived from our mission to make tomorrow a better place and our vision to be the leader in delivering integrated solutions for infrastructure, buildings and services.

Supporting Communities

We believe that contributing to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities where we live and work is not only our responsibility, but our obligation. 


Technology has the potential to transform the way we work and we have long embraced new technology as a route towards becoming a safer, more efficient and better organisation. 

Positive Impact

Through this plan, we’re able to create measurable objectives which allow us to better harness the fantastic aspects of what we do and move towards achieving greatness in all areas. 

Our Culture

Through a range of communications programmes and targeted training initiatives we are working hard to achieve our Target Zero goal: zero accidents and zero ill health caused by work. 


This commitment is reflected in our detailed environmental policy which sets clearly defined environmental roles and responsibilities towards respecting the environmental demands of our community and wider society.

Why Partner With Us

As a rapidly expanding integrated company in the region, we are proud to be an employer and we know that it is our employees who allow us to deliver the highest levels of quality and professionalism, which we pride ourselves 


Total’s values are present throughout the Group and they reflect our commitment to sustainability. After over 14 years in business we have seen a lot of changes which is why we recognise

Payment Policy

We recognise that the Construction industry has historically had a reputation for late payments to suppliers and that the UK Government is striving to rectify this through the faster payment partnership

Workplace Diversity

Diversity is the fact that we are all unique and inclusion is about valuing that. Having diversity embedded in the business allows us to benefit from having a range of perspectives in decision-making.

Quality Control

We deliver on quality by putting our focus firmly on our customers. We invest the time and resources in getting to know our customers: their objectives, demands and challenges.

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