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Total is a leading contractor specialising in demolition, brownfield land remediation, site clearance, and asbestos removal in Macclesfield. Our services include safe and efficient demolition of structures, comprehensive brownfield land remediation, site clearance for construction projects, and expert asbestos removal.

Total demolition contractor in Macclesfield

When it comes to demolition, brownfield land remediation, site clearance, and asbestos removal in Macclesfield, Total is your trusted partner. We combine industry expertise, advanced techniques, and a commitment to safety and sustainability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

With over 50 years of experience in all types of demolition, asbestos removal and soft strip, Total demolitions has developed to become one of the leading cost-effective companies in Macclesfield and surrounding areas.

Our highly experienced demolition management team are committed to maintaining the highest level of service, ensuring the safe completion of contracts in the prompt and efficient manner that our clients have grown to expect. 

From initial appraisal and agreed establishment of project parameters; to completion of the demolition works and site clearance; we utilise a dedicated team of specialist personnel and modern fleet of site-specific machinery and equipment. 

Our wide-ranging skills and resources enable efficient handling of the most complex and technically challenging demolition projects, and all undertaken within CDM Regulations. Our clients vary from major property developers, architects, surveyors, and local councils.  

Much of our work is undertaken based on recommendations. Our projects have included the stripping out and demolition of hotels, shops, residential properties, high-rise office blocks and factories and site clearance for urban redevelopment. 

Total Demolition provides a competent, professional approach ensuring that your demolition project in Macclesfield is completed on time and on budget. 

Total Demolition in Macclesfield

Cost-effective demolition services Macclesfield

From initial appraisal and agreed establishment of project parameters; to completion of the demolition works and site clearance, we utilise a dedicated team of specialist demolition personnel and a modern fleet of site-specific machinery and equipment. 

Our wide range of skills and resources enable efficient handling of the most complex and technically challenging demolition projects, and all undertaken within CDM Regulations. Our clients vary from major property developers, architects, surveyors, and local councils. 

Total Demolition additionally, look to fulfil our responsibilities to the communities and environments in which we operate. 

Our Demolition’s ongoing success is underpinned by our corporate stability, the quality and expertise of our staff, our collaborative approach to business and our skill at providing cost-effective solutions. 

Our specialist demolition teams in Macclesfield have successfully demolished, dismantled some of the most complex structures including, high-rise buildings, farms, bridges, mills, schools, hospitals, and more 

Complete Demolition Contractors in Macclesfield

TOTAL Soft Strip Demolition contractor in Macclesfield

Soft Strip-out demolition is quite common in Runcorn. As the new wave of construction and redesign has progressed, demolition strip-outs have become a high-value option for the redevelopment of warehouses and other commercial and residential premises. 

In many cases, our soft strip-out services are integrated with demolitions, excavations, and renovations. We also provide all services for asbestos removal, an all-too-common heard in redevelopment and redesign. Our asbestos removal services are fully compliant with hazardous materials statutory obligations.  

We conduct work with builders, developers, designers, and local authorities on an extremely broad range of projects. We work with these professionals to ensure the highest quality of work, with proper regard to project needs and site issues. 

Our services are completely scalable, from home renovations to major large-scale redevelopment and redesign projects. We offer excellent quotes for our soft strip-out services, so if you are looking for a cost-effective asbestos removal company or soft-strip demolition contractor in Macclesfield and surrounding areas.

Building demolition in Macclesfield

Specialist Commercial demolition company in Macclesfield

We have built our robust reputation with our clients and local communities in delivering the highest level of professional commercial demolition in Macclesfield, and surrounding areas.

We have all the demolition machinery and equipment required to execute any commercial demolition projects from the demolition of single-story structures to multi-level office blocks.  

A commercial demolition project can be a complicated process. It often involves working in densely populated environments and restricted work areas alongside operating businesses and the public. 

Total Demolition is highly experienced in working efficiently and cohesively around other trades and residents, ensuring minimal disruption to your project time. 

We take all necessary precautions and implement safety procedures to ensure that our demolition site staff, your employees, and other people around the site are safe throughout the demolition process. We have decades of experience demolishing: 

  • Business Properties demolished in Macclesfield
  • Multi-storey high-rise buildings demolished in Macclesfield
  • Demolition of apartment blocks in Macclesfield
  • Hospitals 
  • Shopping canters 
  • Factory demolition in Macclesfield
  • Wearhouse’s demolished in Macclesfield

FAQ Regarding Demolition in Macclesfield

That depends on the size of the property and location. On average a house fully demolished, including the foundations and slab removed, together with the removal of waste cost between £8,000.00 up to £50,000.00

At Total Group, we will always be fair with you and give you the best possible price for your property to be demolished in Macclesfield

  1. R&D SURVEY – The first stage of the demolition process is to establish what your property contains and its current condition. For example, Asbestos, Hazardous Materials etc. The survey will highlight any asbestos or Hazardous materials in your property. You should also make arrangements for your services to be disconnected.  This can take between 6 to 12 weeks
  2. APPOINTMENT – The next stage is to appoint a demolition company, Its best practice to ensure that the quote you are provided with is “ALL RISK”, this means that your demolition company will give you a fixed guaranteed price at the point of site audit, eliminating any additional costs being added to your project during the demolition phase.
  3. NOTIFICATION –  You are required to notify your local authority (Building Control) that you wish to demolish your property. The document that you must complete is a Section 80 –  (Notice of intended demolition). At this stage, you should have a demolition contractor in place. The health & safety pack (RAMS) should be completed by the demolition contractor and submitted together with your section 80 notification. Should your local authority have any questions, they will respond with a section 81. This process normally takes 6 weeks and a small charge is applicable.
  4. STRIP OUT – Before the structure of your building can be demolished, the waste needs to be separated. This stage is called a (Soft Strip), essentially it means removing all fixtures and fittings, removing all plasterboards and insulation from the building. If  licensed asbestos is present, this must be removed by a specialist asbestos removal contractor. Your demolition company in Runcorn will arrange this for you.
  5. STRUCTURE – This stage is the demolition of the shell of your property, all the waste will be segregated and stored in piles, awaiting skips. Ideally , you should have skips on-site ready for the waste to be placed directly into the applicable waste skips.
  6. SLAB REMOVAL – On completion of the structure demolition phase and all waste is removed from site, the next stage is to remove the slab. This is normally broken up using hydraulic hammers and the waste taken to the applicable disposal center.
  7. FOUNDATION – This stage incudes removing the foundations of the existing building, the foundations are normally broken out using hydraulic hammers. On completion of this phase, all is left to do is make good to the area where your home was situated.

We offer cost-effective demolition services throughout Macclesfield and surrounding areas.

No, we carryout site  audits to estimate the true cost of your demolition project.

Should you wish a to arrange a site audit, please send us a message in the submit a general enquiry form and we will contact you at a convenient time that is best for you

We are able to remove none-licensed asbestos, we work in partnership with specialist asbestos removal companies.

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